A 9 Week Training Program

September 14 - November 16, 2022

Wednesdays 6:30 - 8:00pm PST (via Zoom)


Nalanda Institute’s Compassion-Based Resilience Training (CBRT) is a complete, evidence-based method of training the resilience of mind, heart, and body to assist us in sustaining lives of well-being, engagement and purpose in an interdependent world. The 9 week course introduces participants to mindfulness, compassion, imagery and breath-energy work in one complete program. It supports stress-reduction, self-healing, and mind/body well-being. It was developed and tested at the university hospitals of Columbia and Cornell, where it has been offered continuously since 1998.

Zemeira Singer, LMFT

I am a certified CBRT teacher and licensed psychotherapist working in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have been providing psychotherapy and psycho-education for 14 years for adults, couples, children and families. I specialize in Post-Modern/Narrative Therapy influenced by Interpersonal Neurobiology and Applied Community Psychology.

While completing my Master's degree at Antioch University, Los Angeles, I attended my first meditation retreat. I have been practicing ever since.

I've been teaching CBRT since January 2020. When the pandemic began, I adapted the class for Zoom and was amazed at how the course helped folks cope with the many difficulties of the year.

Prior to training in CBRT, I completed Nalanda's two-year Contemplative Psychotherapy Program, which provided in-depth exploration in the application of Mindfulness and Compassion in daily life. I am passionate about to helping people develop robust inner tools for navigating life's challenges.

When I'm not teaching, I enjoy cooking, gardening, listening to music, writing, and hanging out with my 16 year old dog Pixie, who's named after the 80's punk band "The Pixies."