This course consists of 8 modules that teach mindfulness, insight, compassion, imagery, and breath-energy work. They are taught over 9 weeks, with a mid-course "intermezzo" that bridges the mindfulness and compassion teachings. Each session is taught by Zemeira Singer and includes two guided meditations, group discussion, explanation of the course themes and Q&A. This course is supplemented by guided meditation recordings, weekly short video lectures, breath-work instructional videos and a student workbook.


Module I: Embracing suffering with body mindfulness

Module II: Stopping reactive habits with mindful sensitivity

Module III: Breaking free of stress with mindful awareness

Module IV: Mindful insight: the lifelong path of self-healing

Intermezzo: The connection between mindfulness and compassion


Module V: Disarming social stress and bias with equal empathy

Module VI: Healing reactive emotions and beliefs with self-compassion

Module VII: Cultivating prosocial emotions with wise give and take

Module VIII: Embodying a resilient self and life with caring imagery